‚Äč(klooj)  verb:  To cleverly put together out of unlikely parts.

‚ÄčThank You for your interest and support of this "maker of interesting things".

Leaves:The enormous leaves are grown in my garden, molded and cast with a process that preserves the natural flow and ruffle of the original leaf.  Industrial plasters, concrete, and various ash and fortifiers, fiberglass and other ingredients are the media.  The leaves hang easily on the wall, or sit in a stand for table-top use.

Ceiling Tin pieces make beautiful wall hangings, and are mostly collected from old buildings.  I rust and repurpose them as decorative pieces, and love the bit of history they pull into a space.

Repurposed Art:  One of my recent fascinations is taking apart old pianos that are "hopeless" and giving them new life as art pieces or functional objects.  I tend to collect objects that have "potential" beyond their original use, and re-craft them.

Click on any of the photo links above to see more examples of my art. If you are interested in purchasing any of my pieces, please email me @ carrie.w@me.com


Repurposed Art

Leaves/Natural Art